Like Jesus

I have been thinking a lot lately about what it really means, and what it really looks like, to be a follower of Jesus. Is it going to church? Is it having a quiet time every day? Is it praying a certain amount of time each day? Is it tithing to your church? Is it living in America? What is it?

I hear a lot about how America is a Christian nation, or at least used to be. I have to ask ... Really? What makes us such? Is it because our money says, "In God we trust?" I tire of the forwards I receive in my inbox bemoaning the fact/rumor that our government wants to remove that phrase from our money. Does it really matter? Is it that important that our money contains that phrase, or are we merely paying lip service to God with it, because we really don't fully trust Him and live as Him?

1 John 2:16 gives us that answer. "Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did." May we as the Church not just admire Jesus from afar, or like Him for who He was, or pay lip service to Him, but may we truly walk as Jesus did.

Francis Chan said it well. Check this out ...

May we not just like Jesus but rather may we walk like Jesus.


Doug said...

I am trying to remove the "be like Jesus" from my vocabulary... I don't want to be "like jesus" or help people be "like jesus" - I don't think it is about imitation - we want the authentic not the clone.

So I am thinking it not being like Jesus that is "where it's at" it is in LIVING IN CHRIST that I become the authentic ME.

The goal is not to be something we can't - but to be the person God intended us to be - which is found "in Christ." This is the statement that I am coming to believe I need to begin to understand and appropriate in my life.

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