Surprised By God

God is a God of surprises, and a God of blessing. I often stand amazed at how He works in my life. There have been a few occasions in my life though in which God has really taken it up a notch and just completely blown me away, by the way He demonstrates His love and care for me. Here and here are examples of two such occasions. Today He did it again!

After enjoying the blessing of a great conversation over coffee with my friend Steve, I came into the office and read my email. In doing so, I opened an email that absolutely left me astounded and speechless. What follows is an email that was sent to the general email address for our church from a lady I have never met, and who lives thousands of miles from me.

I woke up this morning after having a dream that I couldn't shake. The name Brian and a last name that I couldn't quite make out yet appeared on the hat of a young man with a beard and mustache. As I was waking the last name started to become clearer to me. I thought maybe it was someone from my church that the Lord wanted me to pray for, but there is no one from our church by that name. The heaviness of my heart was so great that I decided to google the name Brian Oberly or Eberly, the last name still wasn't perfectly clear.

When I clicked on the site and saw a man standing with his arms wide open looking to heaven, I was compelled to read on.I only had to read a few sentences and I knew in my heart that this had to be Him. Clearly it wasn't Brian wearing the hat in my dream but the young man that was, is someone that we are supposed to pray for as well as Brian.

In my dream the young man with the beard was very torn about a separation that was taking place in his life, it seemed to be a marriage but I wasn't sure. After reading the site I was very certain that these are people that we are to be praying for.

I am writing to you to let you know that God loves you so much that he gave someone half way across the country a dream to pray for you and the people in your life. And as I read about you leaving and watched the video my heart was so burdened, that I cried. Just know that we are praying for you.


I stand amazed! The "young man" with the beard and mustache, wearing the hat, is my good friend and ministry partner Aaron. My departure from Grace Point has been difficult on so many levels, but perhaps one of the hardest is the parting of ways with Aaron. It has been a struggle that both he and I have had to wrestle through. To know that God laid it on the heart of a perfect stranger to pray for the two of us, is incredible to us both!

While I am surprised by God in this, I know I shouldn't be. He is God. I love the way He works. I love that He loves me.


Adriel & Christina Henderson said...

Amazing! I'm praying for you during this transition Brian, I wish you the best and look forward to seeing where God leads you next.

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