Snow Day

Sometimes life just gets going too fast. This has been a very busy and hectic season of life for our family. Just the other day we were commenting on how we wish life would slow down a bit. Today it happened.

Today it snowed and brought everything to a halt. I love how God does that!

The weather men have been predicting a major snow this weekend. We actually expected to wake up to it this morning. No such luck. The rush of our lives continued as we hurried out the door to church, with only a light rain coming down. Within 20 minutes of arriving at church the snow began to fall. It quickly became apparent we were going to have to cancel services.

We were back home by 9:30 and settled into a wonderful snow day! Here is how it looked!

Thanks God!


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Nice. It looks like you got a decent amount of snow... more than we had up in Shoreline.

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