Understanding and Parenting Your Teen

Last night was the first part in a two part parenting workshop that I am leading entitled, "Understanding & Parenting Your Teen". This session deals with adolescent culture, how it came to be, what it looks like today, and how we as adults can best care for and lead students through the journey of adolescence.

Unfortunately the beginning is a little goofy due to my Powerpoint remote malfunctioning.

Hear the message here.
Download the notes here. (.pdf format)
Download Powerpoint presentation here. (.pdf format)

Message is also available on my Podcast.


Darin Swanson said...

Thank you for putting this up!

Sovann Pen said...

Nice presentation! Look forward to part two.

youthpastoradam said...

Thanks for sharing this with us! I will definately be using this in our ministry.

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