Toll Road To Ensenada

On Tuesday night in Mexico Frank Grubbs came and spoke and sang at the outreach center we were staying at. Frank is a World Vision Artist Associate and plays and speaks all around the country advocating child sponsorship.

I have heard him many times and have always loved his "Toll Road To Ensenada" song. I asked him if he had it recorded and if so how I could get my hands on it. He told me that he never has recorded it but if I wanted a copy to bring my video camera in and tape it, so I did.

It's a great song and pretty much sums up our experience in Mexico. Enjoy!


Aaron Geist said...

I love me some Frank Grubbs!

And I I I, ate a bad taco, and I'll be spendin' the night in the ban(~)o...Oh how true!

revkasedoggy said...

FRANK!!! That's awesome I haven't seen him for close to twenty years...

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