On Vacation

As of to night, I'm on vacation!

We are headed for Southern California for a little R&R for the next 12 days! Gonna spend a few days in Brea, my hometown, with my parents, and then head to one of my favorite places, San Clemente, for the remaining time! We'll be staying in my parent's condo, pictured on the right.

This vacation is kind of the calm before the storm. When we return we head right into the busiest season of ministry, Inner City Mission Trip with middle schoolers, Grub Camp with middle school guys, White Water Rafting with high school students, Mexico Mission Trip with high school students, Wild Waves trip with middle school students, and more.

Enjoy your next two weeks, I know I will mine.

San Clemente Pier


-Justin- said...

Wow, sounds like fun.

Have a great time Brian!

Jon & Chris Steele said...

Mmmmm...southern Cal! I miss it. And I'd love a condo in San Clemente!!! I'm so jealous.

muzik316 said...

Have fun. My wife and I are going to Gatlinburg, Tenn the week of the 4th for our anniversary.

'neice said...

I love the pier!!! I love So Cal in general, but I have great memories of the pier!

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