90 Years of Journey

I along with 5 other guys spent the weekend camping. It was a return to the past yet also celebration of the future. Fifteen years ago we camped together, I as their youth pastor and they as my students. This last weekend we returned to the very same site for a return of Grub Camp.

We indulged in many of the same activities that we enjoyed many years ago, catching crawdads, eating crazy things like "garbage eggs", playing with fire; you know...good guy stuff! The highlight of the weekend though was hearing the stories of life. Each of us shared our last 15 years, thus 90 years of journey.

The stories were incredible. They were filled with joys, trials, heartache, tragedy, and triumph. There is no better story than real life. What made all these stories so great is that they all intersected with God's story. Some later than others, yet they all did.

What an awesome priviledge to have been a part of each of their stories and to see how God has worked deeply in each life over the years. Truly a demonstration of the truth of Philippians 1:6, that "...he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."

We plan to return next year to celebrate even further all that God has continued to do and to enjoy the relationships that He has blessed us with.

Check out the slide show of the weekend that Adriel put together.

To view or download a higher quality sequence click here.


Jon Knapp said...

That is awesome Bri! How cool to see impact made 15 years ago continue!

Aaron Geist said...

That's so cool Brian! One of the great things about those pictures is that you look as young, or even younger than those guys!

Jared Butler said...
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Jared Butler said...

after looking at the photo....I dont like the guy in the back with the black hat. he looks mean.
also, does grub camp now come with a bearded lumberjack for safety?

muzik said...

Awesome Brian... I long for the days of camping when I was younger. Even though I live on the other side of the country I can claim that I camped in Oregon. In fact, I camped every night there and back to Michigan. The woods are an awesome place and God has done such a beautiful job making them. It must be awesome to sit among those young guys 15yrs later.

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