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I was honored this morning to see that I was tagged here by Doug Jones to receive the "Thinking Blogger Award."

Doug has been doing youth ministry for about as long as I have so we have a cool connection in that way. He is now the Director of Spiritual Formation with Sonlife Ministries, and resides just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Thanks Doug!

I am now supposed to tag fiver others with the award. Here are my five, in no particular order.

1. Mike DeVries - Mike is one that is genuinely seeking to walk in the way of Jesus and is a part of a cool church community called Sa'kred that is trying to do the same. Mike also shares my love for San Clemente. We got to meet up down there this summer man.

2. Matt Singley - Matt is a blogger local to me and quickly becoming a good friend. He is the Minister of Operations at Sunset Presbyterian Church and shares my passion for seeing the Church come together as one to see the Kingdom of God spread. We got to do coffee again sometime soon dude.

3. Tim Schmoyer - Tim is a true pastor to students. Tim publishes a blog that is committed to seeing the work of youth ministry done in an excellent manner and has done a great job of drawing together a large community of like minded youth pastors. His blog is also full of great resources for those that work with students.

4. Adam Mclane - Adam is the creator of YMX and has done an awesome job of building the great resource that YMX is. Adam publishes a great blog that informs, entertains, and challenges.

5. Zak Boyle - Zak is a high school student of mine and thinks deeper than most people I know. He is one that has experienced a lot of the ugliness of life at a very young age and is learning to find God in all of it. Keep pursuing Jesus brother.


Anonymous said...

I would like to thank the academy and all of the people that got me here. It's an honor just to be nominated. *wiping tear from my eye*. :) Thanks bro!

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